Delta Microelectronics

logo_deltaDELTA’s design team developed a low-power ASIC for a wireless tag application using the eSi-3200 32-bit processor IP core. The integration process was very smooth, with an excellent set of deliverables, documentation and examples. We had the processor core integrated with our own peripheral IP very quickly. The tools and debug facilities were very professional including support for both Linux and Windows, there were some excellent features to support hardware and software co-simulation which reduce the overall verification cycle.

“DELTA and our end customer are very pleased with the quality of the IP and the overall power saving it delivered over using other cores, we will certainly use it on other projects requiring a low-power, silicon efficient MCU.”

Per Ølund
Executive Vice President
Detla Microelectronics

Dongbu Hitek

Dongbu Hitek

At the start of our new project, there were several candidate CPUs for this product. After an extensive technical and commercial evaluation Dongbu HiTek selected the eSi-1600 processor IP and peripherals set for our project.

While evaluating their IP, eSi-IP’s team responded fast and professionally and had all the relevant experiences to support our project. Even though there is no local office in Korea, they supported in real time.

They understood our project requirements and we found the IP had very competitive performance. During developing our project, the support team proposed some custom instruction specific to our application that saved important memory and power.

Their quality IP and support made our project on-time and a success. Through silicon verification, there was no CPU issue found and we were very pleased with the result.

We have decided to use their IP for our next project and we are confident that eSi-IP will again provide the best service and support to make this another success project.

Haejin Song
Dongbu HiTek

Kili Corporation

Kili Corp

My team has been working with eSi-IP for a number of years over a number of IC developments, and the level of service and quality of the IP they provide is excellent. During the processor evaluation, eSi-IP’s level of support was excellent. We were able to demonstrate that the configurability and custom instructions provided us with real technical differentiation compared to other CPU cores.

As part of the license agreement, eSi-IP also provided a design services package to deliver a complete multi-processor AMBA sub-systems including cache memory, USB and all the key peripherals required for our application. This included external APB buses to allow us to connect our own IPs. The delivery came complete with software API and examples allowing us to quickly implement our own application code on an FPGA platform in parallel with the chip development.

During the process we requested a number of changes to the system which were turned around very quickly and efficiently. Outsourcing the processor sub-system to eSi-IP helped reduce our IC development time and allowed us to focus on our end application specific IPs and differentiation. The flexible multi-processor architecture has helped us developed novel security features to meet FIPS security certification.

We plan to continue to use IP’s from eSi-IP in future products and will use their services to support our ongoing chip development activities.

Kili Corporation, Toronto, Canada
Afshin Rezayee
Founder and Co-President



Xtendwave licensed eSi-3200 32-bit processor core to power our EverSet® time code receiver solution for decoding the WWVB atomic timekeeping signal. The processor IP came fully integrated with a complete set of peripherals, memories for our chosen technology and external interfaces to connect our own IPs. eSi-IP provided Xtendwave with a version of eSi-3200 optimized for the EverSet® application, configuring it to reduce the overall processor gate count significantly compared to the competing solution. The optimized version also featured custom trigonometric instructions reducing cycle count by 30% and a 2Kbyte reduction in valuable memory space.

eSi-IP also provided additional services including full RTL to GDSII development services and development of scan vectors and software for memory testing and BIST to support our IC production. The services were delivered to schedule and budget and always to a high quality. eSi-RISC’s team was easy to work with and provided us with the expertise and skills we needed to get a quality solution in a very short timeframe. We would recommend eSi-IP to any fabless semiconductor company looking to accelerate their chip development.

Tom Jung
Senior Design Engineer


In our projects we pick eSi-IP cores when we need good hardware performance and a highly configurable RISC IP. We particularly value the feature richness and the custom opcode extensions, so that we could include our custom hardware accelerators. Nice and clean RTL code is very valued by our SoC architects. Support is given by very knowledgeable and kind colleagues, which we appreciate the most.

Veljko Mihajlovic



To support our innovative wired packet processor sub-system IP, Posedge required multiple instantiations of an embedded processor with 3 different configurations. Due to the number of cores in the system the key selection criteria was a low gate-count and good code density as well as the requirement to support multi-core debug.

Of three processors evaluated, only the eSi-3250 exhibited the combination of functionality and flexible licensing that we needed to take our product development plans forward. eSi-IP even created a special version of the eSi-3250, with the option to switch the caching capability on and off, giving us extra flexibility.

The eSi-3250 is also backed by a professional toolchain capable of supporting multi-core debug and validation. We used both the Windows and Linux version that are both easy to use and very stable. Posedge are now standardising on the eSi-3250 for all our wired/wireless networking IP solutions.

eSi-RISC have provided excellent support to our USA and Indian based teams through the complete design cycle as well as during silicon bring-up.

Chakra Parvathaneni
Vice-President of Marketing
Posedge Inc



Semisens could reduce die size and lower power consumption of our touch screen controllers usingIP’s of eSi-IP. Those devices are now successfully released to the market. Benchmarking performed by one of end customers showed that Semisens touch controller consumes lowest power among touch controllers available in the market. In addition to the value the CPU core, eSi-IP’s IP provides ease of integration and verification with other logic blocks. Quick application support of quality apps engineers also made our IC design engineers feel comfortable to work with eSi-IP. With all those benefits brought to our chip design, eSi-IP is now selected as the sole CPU vendor for Semisens. We are glad that the right partnership made our device achieve the best performance and the highest value in this competitive market.

Dave Lee
SoC Design Manager



After an extensive search, we found eSi1600/3200 to be an excellent match for our controller IP requirements. We were very pleased with the quality of the code and the documentation. Technical support was perfect during the entire engagement, always prompt and relevant. The ASIC implementation of the core performed as expected in the first tape-out. As an early-phase start-up with a tight R&D budget, Solantro benefitted from an excellent technical and business partnership with eSi-IP, allowing us to move to the next level.

Christian Cojocaru
Director IC Engineering
Solantro Semiconductor Corp.

Solomon Systech

Solomon Systech

The solution developed by eSi-IP, with its excellent features, has enhanced greatly the functionality of our product. We look forward to joining hands again with the team to develop more high-performance IC solutions

Ken Tsui
Vice PresidentDesign Engineering
Solomon Systech Limited.

L&T Technology Services

Out team at LnT used a dual processor systems with the eSi-3260 from a data processing intensive applications. As well as the processor eSi-IP provided much of the peripheral IP, cryptographic accelerator and bus interconnection IPs all integrated together to our requirements. The delivery was of high quality and allowed us to integrate other 3rd party IP and our own USB IP very quickly into the processor sub-systems provided. We had our first an FPGA prototype systems running in a matter of days. The tools were all GNU based and very professional and the support we received was of a very high standard. We will certainly look to use the IP again on other projects.

Jos Sebastian
Sr. Director and Head of VLSI IPs
L&T Technology Services

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