Our IP Portfolio

eSi-IP license a portfolio of IP cores to deliver a high quality silicon proven solution. The eSi-RISC configurable and extendable family of processor cores is unique in being configurable from a base 16-bit core to a full multi-core 32-bit CPU with optional cache, SIMD, multi-core and floating point support. Other cores in the portfolio include a library of peripheral and AMBA interconnect IP which are used to deliver a complete integrated processor sub-system to customers as well as a library of configurable cryptographic and hardware accelerator IPs.


eSi-RISC is a highly configurable 16/32-bit
microprocessor architecture for embedded systems
that scales across a wide range of applications; smart
sensors, IoT devices, touch controllers, medical
appliances, and more.
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The eSi-Connect IP suite provides simple to integrate functions from widely used off-chip serial interfaces such as I2C, SPI and UART to control functions including Timer, Real-time clock, Watchdog and GPIO. The blocks are configurable and provided with low-level software drivers suitable for real-time SoC deployment.  Read More


To support communications based ASIC designs we have built an enviable OFDM IP portfolio (under the eSi-Comms brand) which is instrumental in providing a platform for custom and standards-based designs. This IP is highly parameterised and suitable for many of the current air interface standards like WLAN, WiMax, DVB and DAB. Read More


We provide a comprehensive range of encryption and authentication IP for ASIC and FPGA targets with low resource usage and high throughput.  Read More

The eSi-Floating Point IP cores perform single-precision (32-bit) and double-precision (64-bit) floating-point arithmetic according to the IEEE 754-2008 standard.  Read More

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