Ecosystems for eSi-RISC and eSi-Crypto

RTOS and 3rd party tools support

  • Micium – Micrium Software, part of the Silicon Labs portfolio, is a family of RTOS solutions for embedded systems developers. Silicon Labs’ Micrium products feature highly-reliable, full-featured RTOS options for developers building microprocessor, microcontroller, and DSP-based devices.
  • FreeRTOS – Developed in partnership with the world’s leading chip companies over a 15 year period, the FreeRTOS kernel is a market leading real time operating system (or RTOS), and the de-facto standard solution for microcontrollers and small microprocessors.
  • Express LogicFounded in 1996, Express Logic has consistently led the industry with best-of-class, Industrial Grade products and responsive, reliable customer support.
  • WolfSSL – WolfSSL focuses on providing lightweight and embedded security solutions with an emphasis on speed, size, portability, features, and standards compliance. Their products are Open Source giving customers the freedom to look under the hood.
  • mbed TLS – The TLS stack from mbed has been accelerated with the eSi-Crypto accelerators to work on a wide range of CPU including eSi-RISC and ARM. The TLS stack has been ported to eSi-RISC with options to accelerate using custom instructions or the eSi-Crypto hardware.




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